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A wedding anniversary party is a great way to celebrate 25, 30, 40 even 50 years of being married and in love. All anniversaries are huge milestones that should be celebrated with the ones that you are close to.

Planning an anniversary party can come with a large list of to-dos, from where to have the party, the theme, who to have or not have on the guest list, and making sure it all fits within your budget. It can all be very stressful.

We can help!

Historic Acres offers a budget-friendly anniversary party venue, with tons of space options to choose from. In addition to helping ease the use of your budget, Historic Acres will help the party be just as beautiful as the wedding day. Whether you need a large party area or something more small and intimate, we have picturesque spaces to accommodate all.

If you’re still worried about the rest of the planning, our team can help you there, too. With decades of experience, our team has built connections with many local Hershey party vendors, and we can put you in contact with catering, beverage, and even entertainment vendors in Hershey.

We hope that we can help bring your anniversary party to life by providing a beautiful venue for you and all your guests to love! If you’re looking for more help on planning an anniversary party, check out tips and ideas from one of our event coordinators below!

As time goes on, people are investing more time and effort into baby showers. However, we realize that can be stressful, especially during a pregnancy. Our smaller venue, The Coop, fits up to 54 guests and offers an excellent venue for baby showers. In the off chance that you want to host a larger shower than that, our pavilion can hold up to 200. However, most guests will choose the smaller venue as it’s more fitting to the event.

There’s plenty of beautiful scenery around you as well. The rolling hills of Hershey are on full display at our venue and our fire pit area allows you to relax and take it all in.

We’re here to guide you along the way and make the event setup as seamless as possible, but we’ve also included some tips below should this be your first baby shower.

Celebrating a birthday may happen every year, but that doesn’t mean the birthday party has to be celebrated the same way every year. Whether it’s a milestone birthday for a child, a family member, or a close friend, birthdays represent a time to celebrate someone’s impact on others.

Planning the party can be quite the task regardless of who the party is for. We know there are usually four big things on your list:

  • Budget

  • Theme

  • Guest List

  • Birthday Party Venue

At Historic Acres, one of Hershey’s top birthday party venues, we are a great solution for one and can help with two others as well! Our team has decades of experience helping plan parties of all shapes and sizes. We’ve helped plan birthday parties for people of all ages and we’re here to help make your party planning a little less stressful.

Historic Acres is the choice for your birthday party venue because of it’s variety of sizes and options for spaces. Looking for something smaller and intimate with just close family? We’ve got a space for that. Looking to have a huge birthday party bash to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday? We can do that, too. We can accommodate almost any size guest list.

In addition to helping ease the stress of finding the right venue, our team can help you with catering, decoration, and much more. We have connections with many vendors and can help you get the best deals for parties in Hershey, PA.

Remember this isn’t our first time around the block planning a party. Be sure to check out our venue coordinator’s tips for planning a birthday party in Hershey below!

When planning a bridal shower there are a multitude of things to plan that can be overwhelming, as well as exciting, as you try to create both a fun and unique bridal shower. Menu, games, decorations, favors, and so much more, but the biggest puzzle piece of all is picking the right venue.

That’s where Historic Acres steps in to help.

A common venue for a bridal shower is often at the host’s home or the home of a family member of the bride, however, there are plenty of benefits of choosing a non-residence for a bridal shower venue. Historic Acres is the perfect Central PA bridal shower venue.

Each one of our spaces has more than enough room to accommodate the number of guests you have attending. Our bridal shower venue spaces will also have enough room to house all the food, activities, gifts, and favors that you plan to make the day perfect.

Picking the bridal shower venue is usually one of the first steps in planning and if you’re still trying to figure out what to do to delight the bride, take a look at some of our tips from our venue coordinator below.

The idea of reconnecting with your family or classmates at a reunion shouldn’t be overwhelming and time-consuming. Planning a class or family reunion is about reconnecting with people who were so pivotal in your life and celebrating all the moments in between.

When it comes to having a reunion, a backyard BBQ or brunch, a conference center just won’t cut it. It’s important to have a lot of space to spread out, eat, maybe dance, and not to mention any easy-to-reach location. Our property is filled with plenty of gorgeous sceneries as well as a fire pit to socialize and relax around. Historic Acres is also conveniently located near many hotels in Hershey which makes planning accommodations for out-of-towners a breeze.

In addition to offering multiple spaces to help accommodate reunions of different sizes, our team can also put you in contact with many of our vendors to help provide entertainment for your reunion, as well as catering and food options. We’re here to help you throughout the whole process of planning your event. Please make sure you check out our additional tips for planning a family reunion below!

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